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Fix authentication failed for MSN

Fix authentication failed for MSN

MSN is displaying authentication failed message How to fix the problem?

MSN is the email account where user can access all the emails easily with proper email synchronization. Now there are occasions when the MSN user might face problem with the access of emails in the account or some other problem. The error message might be displayed as ‘authentication failed’. There can be various reasons behind the problem but with various troubleshooting steps the error can be resolved easily.

It is easy to configure the Exchange ActiveSync for Hotmail/Live in the Android device. But if you are getting invalid password errors then turning-on of the 2-step verification might be the reason behind the problem. Authentication error message will be displayed in this scenario and here are the steps to fix authentication failed for –

  • First sign-in to the Microsoft account with the correct login credentials.
  • Click on ‘Security Info’ and then choose ‘Create a new app password’.
  • A new app password will be generated on the user screen.
  • Now setup the Hotmail/Live ActiveSync on the Android device using the new password.

Sending email error can also be displayed as ‘Authentication failed error’ in MSN. Here are the steps to solve the issue –

  • Verify the account settings and for that make sure that the email settings are setup correctly.
  • Toggle the authentication off or on. For that open Outlook and go to ‘Account’. Next select the mail account and move to the option of
  • ‘Outgoing Server’. Now if the authentication is set to ‘Use Incoming Server Info’ then click on the down-arrow and select ‘OK’.
  • Change the SMTP Port to get rid of the authentication error message. Start Outlook and click on ‘Tools’. Next select your account and select the ‘Override default port’ box under the ‘Outgoing server’.
  • Type ‘587’ in the port box and click on the box ‘Use SSL to connect (recommended)’.
  • Close the account window and delete all the messages opening the outbox folder.

Not able to get rid of the MSN authentication error message? Contact the experts over MSN technical support number for instant help. Support professionals provide remote troubleshooting for help.