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How do I set up MSN email

Set up MSN email

Steps to set up MSN email account

MSN email is a very important email service provider which makes it convenient for the users to get all the facilities which makes it convenient for them to work. It makes it very easy and helpful for the users to manage their email related work, messenger and get other windows services to make it very easy for them to work. It is advised to the users to create a windows account which will help them to get the services of MSN and help them to continue their work.

Here are some of the simple steps to set up MSN email account which makes it easy for the users to get the access of their work

  • Select the start button
  • Go to the settings option
  • Choose the accounts and then email & app accounts
  • Under the accounts option, select add a Microsoft account
  • Follow the steps as shown on the screen
  • Users might require to verify their account

The verification process is done through getting the code on the registered mobile number or by getting the link on alternate email address.

Once the verification process has been completed successfully, users will be able to continue their work. If there happens to be any issue while working on the MSN account then users are advised to immediately call on the MSN technical support number and interact with the experts to get the best solution for their issues.

They can also go to the support page of the Microsoft where they will be able to get different articles and videos helping them to get the solution for their issues. Another way to get the help is to call on the MSN customer service number and discuss their issues with the experts to get the assured solution for their problems.